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Do I need a Plumber?

Do I need a Plumber?

How Do I Know if I Need a Plumber?

What should I do with a leaky faucet?

Who hasn’t had to deal with a leaky faucet? If the drip, drip, drip does not bother you, you may be tempted to not fix the problem. But those drips add up. Over time, you will spend more on your water bill. If it is a hot water leak your utilities bill will also go up. That little leak can also lead to further damage to your plumbing, and possibly your home. A leaky faucet should be dealt with as soon as possible. If you choose to try to fix the problem on your own you will first have to check the faucet washer to see if it is worn. If it is worn it will have to be replaced with a new washer of the same size. If the problem is not as simple as replacing the washer, but will involve replacing the faucet, do you have the knowledge, expertise, and tools to get the job done right?

What about other types of leaks?

Plumbing leaks can happen. If one happens in your home or business, there are some important things you should do. If the source of the leak is not obvious, look for it. Dishwashers, refrigerators with cold water dispensers, washers, toilets – anything that uses water – and any pipe in your system, can spring a leak. If the leak is significant you should turn off water to the leaking appliance or that area of the plumbing system. If you have a very bad leak in your home, this could mean turning off the water where it enters. If you know where your shutoff valves are located turn off the water and call a plumber. If you do not, call a plumber immediately. There are plumbers who offer emergency services. Mount Pleasant Plumbing and Heating offers services in the Plymouth area 24/7/365.

What should I do if my drain is clogged?

When a sink or shower drain is partially clogged, drainage will slow. If the pipe gets completely clogged, water will back up into your sink or shower because it has nowhere else to go. A clogged drain is not just inconvenient. The water that backs up can damage your kitchen or bathroom. You should have a sink plunger if you plan on taking care of minor clogs in your home. Plungers work by creating suction that can dislodge clogs in your pipes, particularly ones close to the drain itself. More stubborn clogs, and those further along in the pipes, are more likely to require the knowledge and tools of a professional. You probably need a plumber if you cannot plunge the clog away.

How should I deal with a blocked toilet?

Like a clogged drain, the first line of defense against a toilet blockage is a plunger. Toilet plungers are larger than sink plungers and can be a different shape. If you lack the physical strength to use a toilet plunger to try to unblock your toilet, or if plunging the toilet has not cleared the blockage, you should call a plumber.

What if I think my job is too small to need a plumber?

If you are unsure about your plumbing problem, do not hesitate to call a professional plumber for help. No job is too small for Mount Pleasant Plumbing and Heating. From a “simple” repair to new home or commercial construction, our Plymouth plumbers will treat you and your home or office with respect and dignity.